Mason St. Project

Located at 123 Mason Street in downtown Greenwich, the Mason Street Project provides a second home for curious people to hear local and nationally known leaders speak, attend film screenings and readings and network with each other throughout the year.

Thursday, October 25
123 Mason Street, Greenwich

Coming Soon

November 14 
Gary Mendell: America Overdosed

123 Mason Street, Greenwich 

November 29
The Lost Art of Storytelling with Bonnie Levison

123 Mason Street, Greenwich 

December 13
The Male Mystique with VK Nagrani

January 16, 2019
The Anxious Generation

PAST Events

“The [Mason Street Project] is the most innovative concept to take shape in Greenwich.  It’s an environment that fosters curiosity and conversation, where thinkers and doers can engage and learn from one another.” — Greenwich Magazine