Healing. To heal. What exactly does that mean? 

It’s something magical, especially when you experience it with a group of people who have a shared sense of purpose. 

In September, we will reconvene on Nantucket to explore healing writ large: physical health and medical breakthroughs; mental health in an age of digital disruption; sustainability and the health of the planet; global conflict and confrontation; and other related topics for four days of conversation and learning. 

As always, TNP 2024 will also be filled with memorable surprises from innovators, athletes, artists, journalists, policy makers and musicians (last year Michelle Obama, Ken Burns, Jennifer Lawrence all appeared at TNP– and that was just on opening night!).

Our community of business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, and civic minded citizens will bring actionable ideas and best practices back to their companies, their communities and their circles of influence.  

At TNP we believe we can all use a lot more healing in our crazy, messy world today. That is why we’ll be spending the next six months looking for the most passionate people with the most inspiring stories to bring this all to life in September.

I hope you will join us. You don’t want to miss this.